Inspired by Ottway the Label ~ Stories to be Retold, Clothing Made to Last

Inspired by Ottway the Label ~ Stories to be Retold, Clothing Made to Last

Ottway the Label Blog for Lost Little One Vintage Shirts and Handmade Leather Bags

Meet Neri, the Spanish beauty that uprooted her life for love and is making waves in the fashion world right here in Melbourne. This girl is gorgeous both inside and out, radiating good energy and great vibes. I met Neri after joining forces with her and her awesome Aussie based brand Ottway the label in 2018. A constant inspiration and the queen of keeping it real, I wanted to know more about her, the Ottway journey and what they're all about.

As someone who spends my time traveling and working away from home, I'm always searching for likeminded people and keen to hear their stories. People like Neri who make bold moves, following her heart and passion. Neri has created a unique brand that is true to her style, allowing her to express herself and her creativity. In doing so she hasn't just launched another clothing label, Neri has created a family; the Ottway family. Here at Lost Little One we know just how important it is to have a solid crew of people who can imagine your vision just as strongly as you do and help to bring it all to life authentically. Our tribe is everything to us and we're pumped to have Ottway apart of our crew and journey.

I'm also a lover of the Ottway designs. I just returned from a couple of months living in Morocco and the Johanna dress and R & G Mustard Shirt were absolute staples for me. Keep the good stuff coming girl! 

Introducing Ottway the Label & their story so far:

Ottway the Label Blog for Lost Little One Vintage Shirts and Handmade Leather bags

Tell us about your journey to Australia & what made you decide to call Melbourne home?  

I landed in Australia around 4 years ago because of love. Time flies!! My partner, Manu, was moved  to Melbourne with the mission of developing renewable energy across the country. In parallel, I started a new life from the scratch. It was a bit hard for me as I didn’t speak the language and I had to spend my first years studying. 

I have always been connected to the fashion industry, so my goal was to find my place in Australia in this field. After years of working as a digital marketer for different fashion brands, I started with Manu, this project called Ottway The Label to put all our creativity into it and willingness to share something different with you all. It has been an incredible ride so far!

ottway the label vintage shirts 

What made you start Ottway the Label? 

One of the reasons for Manu and I to start with this project in Australia was because of the amount of entrepreneurs and inspiring people that surround us on a daily basis. They made us realise that it was possible to bring our dreams to life. And that’s exactly what we did! Ottway The Label is a blend of our passion for vintage, detail appreciation and storytelling. 

Ottway the label blog Lost Little One leather bags

What’s your favourite thing about Melbourne? 

After 4 years here, my favourite thing is that Melbourne has a bit of everything. I never get bored in this amazing city. Coolest cafes, concerts every day, best restaurants, vintage shops, people from everywhere, sea, you name it!

Ottway the label blog for Lost Little One handmade leather bags

What inspires you & Ottway the label? 

Inspired by a deep respect for nature, exploration and tradition, Ottway pays tribute to the narrative of true vintage.

Ottway the label blog for Lost Little One handmade leather bags

What has been your favourite & the most challenging part of starting your own label?   

Uff, I don’t know where to start haha. Having your own brand brings you happiness and stress 24/7. Without any doubt, my favourite part is seeing our designs come to life and the most challenging thing is the endless to do list haha, so many boxes to tick off everyday.

What do you miss most about Spain? 

My family and friends, I miss them so much (apart from the food haha)!

Ottway the Label blog for Lost Little One handmade Leather bags

What is your favourite Ottway design? 

My all time favourite is The Rarebird, the comfiest jacket with a cool embroidered ethnic pattern.

Check out The Rarebird Jacket!

Ottway the label rarebird jacket for Lost Little One blog

Where’s your next travel destination? 

My next travel destination is Spain, back home for Chrissy and then Mexico to spend New Years, I Can’t wait!

Check out Ottway the Label

Otway the Label Vintage Shirts for Lost Little One Blog

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