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Our Ethics

Here at Lost Little One, we refer to our products as being ‘ethically handmade’. But what does ethically made mean to us? We believe in a path less travelled and pride ourselves on being the perfect fusion of Melbourne style and Moroccan culture. Our leather is ethically sourced from the local tannery in Marrakesh

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Why Morocco?

Amazed is the only word that comes to mind when I think about the way I felt when I first stepped foot on African soil. I was in Spain and realised Morocco was a mere 39km’s away, I couldn’t not. A short ferry ride was all it took to transport me into another world. Quickly realising that Morocco had much more to offer than what first meets the eye. A melting pot of cultures, the confluence of east and west. Mixing Arab and Berber traditions, creating a country with many faces. Featuring ancient Medina’s and maze like streets, littered with charming locals who want nothing more than to meet you and be that person to help you experience the rich...

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