Fashion Revolution

Leather artisans in Marrakech in the traditional tannery

What is the fashion revolution?

Fashion revolution is the annual #whomademyclothes campaign which happens every year around April 24th. Why? Because this date marks the anniversary of the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh. This massive 5 story complex housed a bank, apartments, a few shops and many clothing factories making garments for well known fashion labels. On April 23rd 2013 the building was evacuated due to obvious cracks in the structure and as a result the bank and shops were closed for business. However later that day the factory workers were told that the building was safe and were ordered to return for work as normal the following day. 

During the morning rush the building gave way and 1,138 workers were killed with another 2,500 injured. This called for change and along came the #fashionrevolution. 

The fashion revolution is simple. All it asks for is greater transparency within the fashion industry and with this information we can all be making educated decisions about who our money supports. 

Being more transparent makes labels accountable for their actions, with this transparency we can start to wipe out unsafe, unethical practices, eradicating 'sweat shops' producing 'fast-fashion' and practicing child labour. Instead supporting those labels who take the time and effort to source their materials ethically and sustainably. This needs to happen to ensure that the people making our clothes are safe and avoid catastrophes such as the fall of Rana Plaza.

The #fashionrevolution is simple. Just ask the easy question #whomademyclothes and labels should be able to answer. We need to be  celebrating rather than exploiting the makers.
With fashion revolution week creeping up, I as a small label wanted to know what I could do to get involved and in true Lost Little One style I accidentally discovered that I already fully supported the movement. For me, being able to show you behind the scenes of my humble business is a privilege, because being able to have Lost Little One bags made in this traditional way is just that, a privilege. I started Lost Little One because I was obsessed with Morocco and the way that they did things, I wanted to get involved and it authentically grew into what you see today. It's now a journey that I am very proud of.
To start the movement I would like to invite you to come get lost with me in Marrakech, Morocco where all Lost Little One's bags are ethically made. 
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Meet the Makers - Abdussamed our very own leather artisan from Marrakech