Moroccan Made

Ethically handmade Moroccan leather bag, vegetable tanned leather backpack
Have you even wondered who makes the things you wear? Meet the man who brings Lost Little One designs to life. Abdussamed is a leather artisan and father of four from Marrakech, Morocco. I met Abdu back in 2016, it was then that he took on the role of LLO's head artisan, producing all of our beautiful handmade leather bags.
Language is a challenge for us, neither of us speaking the same one fluently. It's taken time but we've managed to prove that voice is only a small part of communication. Our persistence has allowed us to continue to work together, going back and forth, changing and moulding things. He has slowly been able to grasp my style and I can now further understand the technicality behind his art. Resulting in us creating an authentic, ethically made product that compliments my vision and Abdu’s craftsmanship.
Moroccan leather artisan working on design in his workshop in Marrakech Morocco. Using vegetable tanned leather. ethically made
I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to live in Morocco for almost four months and oversee the production of Lost Little One's first collection. Transparency in the fashion industry is very important. It allows us to make more informed decisions about who we support. We chose to use vegetable tanned leather because of the history that ties it to Morocco and it's people. The tanners were believed to have been the first to settle in Marrakech over one thousand years ago, and here they remain still using the same ancient techniques. The vegetable tanning process is slow and transforms the hide naturally without the use of chemicals.  Vegetable tanning is an ancient tradition in Morocco, however because of modern methods is now a dying trade, we choose to source all of our materials from this ancient tannery in Marrakech which ensures that we are doing our part to support this artisanal craft. 
Moroccan leather artisans in the local tannery in marrakech producing vegetable tanned leather
When producing Lost Little One bags Abdussamed works at his own pace, we do not put pressure on him or the local artisans that he hires to be finished within a time frame. We wholeheartedly support slow fashion procedures, understanding that quality takes time. 
Here at Lost Little One we are proud of the path we have chosen to take, so I invite you to come get lost with me.
Moroccan leather artisan in his workshop where he produces ethically handmade Moroccan leather bags