Essaouira, Morocco. A coastal town located on the Atlantic coast. Know for its popularity among surfers, windsurfers and kite surfers, this city is bustling with creativity. Bursting with musicians and home to the infamous Gnaoua Music festival, held annually in June here people from all over the world flock to this small town with instrument in hand to take part in this world music extravaganza. 
The originality and open-mindedness of the locals is evident in the way they behave and the products that they produce. The locals living in Essaouira really enjoy living the coastal life, they seem to be a lot more relaxed about their days and embrace the travellers that pass through. As a traveler myself, I can speak first hand about how welcoming this vibrant place is, it really was somewhere that I discovered and immediately felt drawn to. I was able to meet locals and make friends, creating a home away from home where I would spend my days walking the beach, eating local homemade dishes, doing yoga as the sunset on the hostel roof terrace and sharing mint tea and Moroccan travel tips with the locals who know the country so well and the expats who are eagerly discovering it. 
Essaouira, Morocco. A coastal town on the Atlantic Ocean. Rich of culture and craft.
Old city walls of Essaouira Morocco during sunset. Palm trees thriving and the blue skies falling
The locals in Essaouira Morocco on the beach with their beloved camels.
Girl hanging up her cactus silk berber rug on the clothes line on a roof terrace in Essaouria Morocco. It's a beautiful sunny day
The local supratours bus station in Essaouira Morocco, with the locals hanging out front on their motorbikes.
berber earrings glass earrings on a stone in Morocco
The main street in Essaouira Morocco, either side of the street littered with shops selling local artisanal products.
Cactus silk berber rugs hanging on the walls of the roof terrace in Essaouira Morocco, the sun is shining it is a warm day and the sky is blue
A local Moroccan man walking into the old town through the city doors, the floor is dusty, it's a hot day and the sky is blue A collection of Berber and tuareg bangles made of copper and silver, handmade in the western sahara by these traditional tribes some featuring ebony wood
A expat travelling essaouira Morocco carries his surfboard from the atlantic coast back into the ancient medina. The path he walks has palm trees either side and the sun sets behind him
A girl with a tattoo on her hand is slinging a mud cloth tote bag over her shoulder, she is wearing berber bangles, berber rings and berber earrings
the local berber jeweller stands outside his vibrant shop in Essaouira Morocco. The shop is littered with jewels,hanging from every place possible
A mud cloth blanket hangs on the clothes line of a terrace in Essaouira Morocco
Tuareg earrings lay on a stone. They are made of silver and ebony wood and are in a traditional geometric shape symbolising the compass used by the tribes of the Sahara
A local woman walks the streets of Essaouira Morocco, she wear a jalaba and there are local shops filing the streets on either side of her
A red cactus silk berber rug is draped over the ledge of a roof terrace in Essaouira Morocco. The sun is shining and the sky is blue
two local med who sit on their trailers outside the Medina pose for a photo, they are happy characters, with arm slung around the other they wait on this warm day in Essaouira for someone to need them to help carry goods around the old town
Essaouira Morocco, a picture of the local square in the median, with people wandering around, the sun is shining and the sky is blue
Moroccan traditional earrings and bangles a collection of local handmade jewellery, combining silver and copper with stone and ebony wood
The view from a rooftop in Essaouira Morocco. You can see multiple terraces and the sun is out and the sky is blue
a girl sitting on a bench just in front of the Atlantic Coast in Essaouira Morocco. The beach is sandy, the sun is setting and the water is wavy
Mali Mud dyed blanket in brown colour hanging on a clothes line on a terrace in Essaouira Morocco
A local Moroccan man who is holding a carton of malbro cigarettes, he is walking through the local Medina with shops and people all around him, he is wearing a green t-shirt
On the atlantic coast in Essaouira Morocco a family of locals sit on the beach watching the sunset. They're sitting on the sand and another Moroccan man rides past them on a horse, half in and half out of the water
The local supratours bus station in Essaouira Morocco, with the locals hanging out front on their motorbikes.
a girl sitting o a terrace room with arm up she has berber jewellery rings on and berber bangles, she is wearing hoop earrings and a linen jumpsuit
Essaouira Morocco Medina with palm trees in front of it, the walls are ancient and the sky is blue
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