Pre Order

Lost Little One is ethically crafted using premium quality, vegetable tanned leather sourced from the traditional tannery in Marrakech. Our bags are handmade by independently working & traditionally trained artisans. As a small business we aim to be fully transparent and pride ourselves on ethical manufacturing and procedures. It is for this reason that Lost Little One bags and accessories are made in limited numbers, meaning we can go out of stock pretty quickly. We do this because we prefer to provide our much loved artisans with consistant, steady work minus any unnecessary pressure.
We believe that if you've done your research and have decided that you would like to invest and spoil yourself with a new Lost Little One piece, that you'd also be happy waiting for the product to be made specially for you. Our pre order collection is a selection of bags and accessories that are currently out of stock, however slowly, but surely on their way. All pre orders are currently being handcrafted in Morocco, before making their long journey to us here in Melbourne. Using our pre order page you can now purchase your new Lost Little One, even when out of stock. Giving you peace of mind knowing that you're first inline to receive your new Lost Little One as soon as it hits Aussie shores. 
We only allow pre orders on pieces that are currently being manufactured, meaning that we know they'll be here soon. Yes, we say soon, but we do not mean quickly, as the process of hand-making small orders can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks. Although it can sound like a long time, especially in this fast paced world we live in, you can be happy knowing that your business is directly supporting local artisans in Morocco.
We ask that you only make a pre order purchase if you're ok with waiting for your product to arrive. We have never and will never put pressure on our artisans to work beyond their abilities and we are very proud supporters of slow fashion and hope that our customers share the same ethos. This motion supports our ethical manufacturing mentality of only making what we need. So as an incentive to purchase pre order and wait for your new product to arrive, we have priced everything at a special pre order rate, 10% off the normal retail price to be exact. This is to say thank you for your patience, for supporting artisans and for being a fellow advocate of slow fashion. 
**Please Note - You can check each individual product page for a more definite timeframe on the product you wish to purchase. All pre orders are paid in full + shipping & you will be notified when the product is shipped via email with a tracking number. If you have any questions at anytime please feel free to contact us. We're here to help!