Our Story

The flip of a coin, an impulsive adventure ... In 2016 our Melbourne-based founder Dominique wound up by chance in Morocco - and fell in love. The energetic chaos and old-world charm kept Dom absorbed for months on end, getting lost in the Medinas, deserts and local communities, and discovering the age-old art of leather tanning. It was here that Lost Little One was born. 

Marrakech Morocco Lost Little One

Dom stumbled across a tannery deep in the maze of Marrakech, and met the artisans she knew could bring her dream to life. Together they overcame language barriers to combine her Melbourne designs with Moroccan techniques, creating the pieces you know and love today.

Lost Little One is ever evolving, but always ethically conscious - we can tell you exactly where, how and by whom each item was crafted. Slow fashion in motion, everything is authentic and created with love every step of the way. 

Our minimalistic and functional designs are an homage to our favourite places on earth. Lost Little One is a true fusion of Moroccan culture and Melbourne style.

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More About Us

Behind The Brand

Lost Little One is powered and inspired by human connection. There’s a close-knit but globally-spread community involved in its inception, refinement and evolution. It’s about time we introduce ourselves.

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Behind the Brand Lost Little One ethically handmade leather bags and accessories

Ethically Made

Here at Lost Little One, we refer to our products as being ‚Äėethically handmade‚Äô. But what does ethically made mean to us? We believe in a path less travelled and¬†are committed to conscious crafting.¬†Our leather is ethically sourced from the local tannery in Marrakech.

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What makes Lost Little One ethically made

Why is Lost Little One Made in Morocco?

Having the opportunity to live and work in Morocco has been a great adventure so far. Supporting local artisans and the ancient technique of vegetable tanning leather is all part of our mission.

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Why is Lost Little One made in Morocco

Meet The Makers

It's super important to us that we're supporting the local trade in Morocco. I'd love for you to meet Abdussamed - the very first artisan I chose to work with.

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Meet the Makers of Lost Little One's ethically handmade leather bags and accessories

Introducing Our Designer

Dominique's mission is to embody the raw beauty of leather and the sharp, polished vibe of Melbourne city streets. Combining the skills acquired while working with traditional leather artisans and veg-tanned leather in Morocco.

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Meet our designer Lost Little One

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