Leather Care & Warranty

Lost Little One bags are ethically handmade in Morocco using 100% vegetable-tanned Moroccan goats leather. We opted for this type of leather because of its soft yet durable properties. This natural fibre has been used in Morocco to produce luxury leather goods for more than 800 years. We also occasionally use vegetable tanned cowhides, this type of hide is much thicker and great for our more structured designs. Our bags are sourced and produced in Marrakech.  The leather is handpicked from the local tannery located inside the Medina, where it has been treated using ancient and traditional Moroccan methods. Because of this natural process all leather used on Lost Little One bags is unique. Some of the leather may have natural markings and character, this is not a fault, it shows the natural quality of hand worked leather.

Caring for your leather is a personal preference, depending on how you want your bag to look today and in 10 years’ time. The beauty of vegetable-tanned leather is that it changes with time and use. You can mould and move these bags in your hands to speed up the ageing process and help create creases and lines which gives the leather character, making it your own. 

Just like our skin, what you do to your leather bag will determine how it looks and ages.

Moroccan leather artisan creating Lost Little One handmade bags

We suggest that you keep your bag clean by wiping it down with a clean dry cloth to remove any buildup of dust and dirt and giving it a deep clean with a leather cleaner every few months and tending to any stains immediately. 

Just like our skin, your new leather bag can begin to look dry and dull with time. To give it a boost of moisture and shine, apply a leather conditioner every few months. 

Although leather is designed for the elements, maintaining the shape of your bag and the condition of the leather will be determined by how you treat it. We recommend using a leather protector of your choice on your new bag before first use, especially the lighter tones as they are more susceptible to stains, however we suggest that you test a small inconspicuous area first as this process can slightly darken the colour of your bag.  Be aware that unwashed or dark denim may rub off and stain lighter shades of vegetable-tanned leather. Treat your tan coloured bag as you would a light coloured pair of pants, if the floor is dirty, don't sit. Same rules apply. The longer you leave a stain seep into the skin of your leather the more ingrained it will become. 

Incase accidents do happen and your bag gets wet, do not use a hairdryer or any hot air tools to dry it. This will cause the skin to dry out and wrinkle. Deal with any water spills by simply allowing the bag to dry naturally. Never leave your bag laying in the sun or exposed to the elements. 

When storing your Lost Little One bag fill it with stuffing to maintain the shape. 

We do not recommend that you overfill your bag. 

Please be aware that the lighter coloured leather (tan) is susceptible to darkening with use. 

Here at Lost Little One, we are strong believers in the unique, natural ageing process and are excited for you to touch, smell and play with your new bag to really make it yours. Creases and wrinkles are what we believe adds a little something special to the story of your Lost Little One. 

Vegetable-tanned leather is made to last and to get better with age. Colour fading or darkening, marking and stretching as a result of regular usage, all add to the character of your bag, they are not considered a fault.

Our warranty covers fault in workmanship or material within 12 months of purchase. If in the unlikely event this is the case, we will replace or repair your product at our discretion.

This warranty does not cover a leather product that has been damaged by accident, neglect, normal wear and tear or other factors not due to defects in materials or workmanship.