Meet The Designer & Melbourne Maker

Meet The Designer & Melbourne Maker

Introducing Dominique

In 2016 my expired Schengen access spurred me into Northern Africa, on the solo adventure of a lifetime. The chaos was irresistible - I fell in love with the winding Medinas, hot African sun and the beautiful locals. 

After coming across the leather tanneries, I became infatuated with the art of leather working. The extraordinary detail that went into it, the dedication the artisans had to their craft and the ancient methods they still used to create amazing handcrafted pieces were like nothing I'd seen before.

Moroccan leather artisan in Marrakech

I spent years returning to Morocco, building relationships with leatherworkers and local businesses, overcoming language barriers to form partnerships. I brought my designs to my new friends, and they brought them to life.

Together we sourced our raw materials from the local tanners and I watched my artisans painstakingly complete each part of the process by hand, using basic tools, one saddle stitch at a time. 

Moroccan leather artisan in Marrakech

I felt like I had unlocked some kind of secret world, the ancient realm of crafts. I was taken in like a member of the family. Morocco and its people welcomed me year after year with open arms, as though I was one of their own. 

"Forced into suspended animation by a global pandemic, hands and minds were getting restless. I cloistered myself in the Melbourne studio. A spark was struck and an idea bloomed."- Dominique, creative director

Lost Little One making handcrafted leather journals using veg tanned leather

A few years on, a global pandemic struck (as if you could have missed it!) Unable to return to North Africa for the foreseeable future, it was time to adapt and further incorporate my life and love for Morocco with my roots here in Melbourne.

I’ve been busy experimenting with techniques absorbed in my travels, working closely with fellow Aussies to source veg-tanned kangaroo leather - created using the same techniques that my Morocco partners use in their tanneries.

My mission is to embody the raw beauty of leather and the sharp, polished vibe of Melbourne city streets. Combining the skills I've acquired while working with traditional leather artisans and veg-tanned leather in Morocco, I want to give each and every one of our customers that same unique experience.

Handmade leather journal - veg tanned kangaroo leather

Bespoke Leather Accessories

All designs in our bespoke Melbourne collection are created on demand. Upon ordering your new product you'll be contacted via email by Dominique, creative director and Melbourne leather artisan, who will chat with you about your new accessory, customising and personalising it just for you.

Learn more about our method of making bespoke leather accessories.

We use locally sourced vegetable-tanned kangaroo leather to handcraft our original Melbourne Collection. Each hide is unique, featuring markings that celebrate the beauty of veg-tanned leather. Every one of our pieces are handcrafted in the Melbourne based studio and made to order.  

Lost Little One focuses on ethical practices and is proudly slow fashion in motion. Handcrafting and customising our beautiful designs gives us the unique ability to create and craft only what we need.

Handmade veg-tanned leather accessories made by Lost Little One

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