Our Ethics

Here at Lost Little One we refer to our products as being ‘ethically made’. 

But what does ethically made mean to us?

We believe in a path less travelled and pride ourselves on our conscious sourcing and manufacturing for each of our handcrafted collections.

Ethically Sourcing Our Materials

Here at Lost Little One we only ever use ethically sourced, premium veg-tanned leather to create all of our designs. For those who are unfamiliar with vegetable tanning, it is the ancient, traditional method for producing beautiful, malleable leather.

This technique is slow fashion in motion and uses natural resources and artisanal skill to turn hide into a soft, workable material. All of our products are created this way, with no harmful chemicals or machinery used!

Learn more about veg-tanned leather

Melbourne Made Leather Journals

Our Leather Journal Collection embodies all the same values. Working with independent Australian small businesses. The Journal Collection is slow fashion in motion - we use locally sourced vegetable-tanned kangaroo leather to handcraft all of our bespoke designs. Each piece is made to order in the Melbourne workshop: cut, stitched and personalised by hand by our leather artisan, using the traditional techniques learnt in Morocco.

These one of a kind pieces are created using kangaroo leather from Naarm / Melbourne. Our leather is batch dyed on demand and the tannery uses eco-tech processes - sustainable practices including the recycling of waste water, vegetable tanning and consistently reducing heating and power emissions each year.

Our Journals are proudly certified to carry the Australian Made logo.

Small Batch Production

Each of our designs are handcrafted in Morocco from premium veg-tanned leather, a process that requires artisanal skill and time. For this reason we only ever craft in small batches (just 50 at a time), which means our most popular items can go out of stock pretty quickly! 

We're wholeheartedly committed to this slow method of making and small batch production. Although timely, by doing things this way we actively avoid over-production and continue to ensure that Lost Little One is only ever consciously crafting. 

Leather Accessories Handmade in Morocco

We source our leather ethically from a local tannery in Marrakech, Morocco. We work hand in hand with leather tanners and artisans who are still using the same ancient methods practised for over 800 years! Our artisans are highly skilled and dedicated to their craft - producing products that are chemical free, vegetable dyed and of the highest quality.

Ethical to us means that our small business helps other small businesses, too. We choose to work with small operations nestled deep in the Marrakech Medina.


We choose to ship all of our orders in compostable post bags, made from sustainable plants & non-toxic, compostable resin.

We wanted an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional plastic bag. After you've unpacked your order, remove all labels and put this compostable bag in your home compost bin with your food scraps & garden waste. Safe for worms, the bag will biodegrade within 180 days.


Ethically handmade leather bags and accessories