Our Ethics

Here at Lost Little One we refer to our products as being ‘ethically made’. But what does ethically made mean to us? We believe in a path less travelled and pride ourselves on our conscious sourcing in manufacturing for all of our collections.

Ethically handmade leather bags and accessories

Lost Little One- Made in Morocco

Our leather is ethically sourced from the local tannery in Marrakech. A place that holds true historic value to this colourful and vibrant city. Using ancient methods practised for over 800 years, the leather tanners and local artisans, work together to produce high quality Moroccan products using only natural resources. By sourcing our leather from this tannery, we can ensure that we are minimising our impact on the environment and receiving only the highest calibre, chemical-free, vegetable-dyed leather. We are also proudly playing a small part in sustaining this amazing traditional Moroccan craft. 

Ethically handmade leather bags and accessories

It is of the upmost importance, that we are supporting the local trade in Morocco as well as independent small businesses in Melbourne. I choose to work with small companies nestled deep in the Marrakech Medina, by doing so we can be certain that our business is directly benefiting local Moroccan people. 

Using the same approach here in Melbourne, I only join forces with small, independent, local businesses to turn my vision into a reality. 

Ethically handmade leather bags and accessories

OĦTI Collection - Made in Melbourne

The OĦTI Collection is slow fashion in motion. Using locally sourced vegetable tanned kangaroo leather to handcraft all of our bespoke designs. All OĦTI pieces are crafted to order in the Melbourne workshop. Our artisan hand cuts and stitches each of our bespoke pieces, before finishing and sending them to you in a reusable OĦTI cotton bag. This process takes time, each design created with intention.

Ohti Studio bespoke leather accessories