Our Leather, Care & Guarantee

Vegetable tanning is the ancient traditional method for producing beautiful, malleable leather. This technique is slow fashion in motion and uses natural resources and artisanal skill to turn hide into a soft, workable material.

All of our products are created this way, with no harmful chemicals or machinery used! 

Approximately only 10% of the world leather is still created in this way, and it takes almost 30 times longer to make - slow fashion at its finest.

Leather, Care and Guarantee

Lost Little One - Made in Morocco

Lost Little One leather bags and accessories are crafted using veg-tanned goat & cow hide, sourced from a local tannery in Marrakech. Each skin is different, with unique markings. These markings and variations in the skin can be noticed on the lighter tones of leather (tan & vintage brown).

These characteristics show the raw, natural quality of hand-worked leather, and they're what make your LLO one of a kind.

The leather will change and evolve with every use - the lighter shades will darken slightly and your accessories will form a unique patina. 

Our Moroccan leather is batch dyed in small quantities. Due to the artisanal nature of veg-dying, each batch varies slightly in shade and tone, particularly the lighter colours. We ask that you use our pictures as a reference only.

Here is an example of the ageing process. The bag will soften, form a patina and the colour will naturally darken. Here is a new tan coloured bag vs the same tan coloured bag after 2 months of use.

veg-tanned leather process

Goats Leather

Our goats leather is buttery soft, yet super durable. It will continue to soften and distress over time, and with prolonged use a one of a kind patina will form! Your piece will transform for years to come, moulding to you and the way that you use it.

Cow Hide

Our cow hide accessories are crafted using a much thicker, more structured leather that will change over time and darken slightly.

Veg tanned Moroccan Leather

Bespoke Collection - Made in Melbourne

We use vegetable-tanned kangaroo leather because of its supple yet strong quality. Our leather is sourced from wild kangaroos, bearing beautiful naturally occurring 'bush scars' reminiscent of the Australian outback. Every skin we use is unique, with variations in colour and markings, making every design one of a kind. 

Kangaroo leather is lightweight, strong & flexible. Created to age like a fine wine, with each use your new leather accessory will begin to soften. New creases will appear and your piece will transform to become uniquely yours.

Our tanners in South Australia use eco-tech processes when preparing our kangaroo leather. These sustainable practices including the recycling of waste water, vegetable tanning and consistently reducing heating and power emissions each year.

Our kangaroo leather is hand-dyed in small quantities. Due to the artisanal nature of veg-dying, each batch varies slightly in shade and tone, particularly the lighter colours. We ask that you use our pictures as a reference only.


Leather Care 

Just like our skin, what you do to your leather will determine how it looks and ages. The lighter tones will darken over time and your leather will change with use.

  • Keep your¬†leather clean by wiping it down with a dry cloth to remove any buildup of dust and dirt and giving it a deep clean with a leather cleaner every few months. Tend to any stains immediately.¬†
  • Your new leather can begin to look dry and dull with time. To give it a boost of moisture and shine, apply a leather conditioner every few months.¬†Avoid all contact with water; however, in the case that¬†your¬†leather¬†does get wet, do NOT use a hairdryer or any hot-air tools to dry it. This will cause the skin to dry out and wrinkle. Deal with any water spills by simply allowing the¬†leather to dry naturally.¬†Never leave your¬†leather lying in the sun or exposed to the elements.¬†

What to Expect From the Colour of Your Leather

Vegetable-tanned leather is made to last and to get better with age. Colour fading or darkening, marking and stretching as a result of regular usage only adds to the character of your piece! Due to the nature of the vegetable tanning process, the colours are not uniform.

The colour of your leather accessory may vary on arrival, and we ask that you use our online images as a reference only as each skin is different. With unique markings, scars and colour variances, these characteristics show the natural quality of hand-worked leather. 

Lost Little One bag's are lined with faux suede for a soft touch. If your lining becomes dirty, see your local dry cleaner for professional advice. 

Leather, Care and Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Our warranty covers fault in workmanship or material within 12 months of purchase. In the unlikely event this is the case, we will replace or repair your product at our discretion.

Please note that the 'earthy' smell is a characteristic of genuine vegetable-tanned leather and is not considered a fault. The smell will diminish to be completely unnoticeable with time and use. DO NOT spray with perfume. 

This warranty does not cover a leather product that has been damaged by accident, neglect, normal wear and tear or other factors not due to defects in materials or workmanship.

Leather, Care and Guarantee