Ethically Made

Ethically Made

boy and girl sit on waters edge with leather bags We refer to our products as being ‘ethically made’.

But what does ethically made mean to us?

We believe in a path less travelled and pride ourselves on being the perfect fusion of Melbourne style and Moroccan culture. Our leather is ethically sourced from a local community tannery in just outside the old city walls in Marrakech. A place that holds true historic value to this colourful and vibrant city. Using ancient methods practised for over 800 years, the leather tanners and local artisans, work together to produce high quality Moroccan leather goods using only natural resources. By sourcing our leather from this tannery, we can ensure that we are minimising our impact on the environment and receiving only the highest calibre, chemical-free, vegetable-dyed leather. We are also proudly playing a small part in sustaining this amazing traditional Moroccan craft. 

Ethically made Lost Little One Vegetable tanned leather bags

All of the leather that used for Lost Little One is the bi-product of the food industry. The goats are farmed by a Shepard and roam freely around the backstreets of the Marrakech Médina. When the animal is used for food, the skin is preserved and used for leather, which is vegetable tanned using only natural recourses, meaning there is no chemical pollution or harm done to the workers or mother nature. The skins are de-haired and the hair is washed and passed onto local women who use it to weave traditional Moroccan carpets. All procedures are completed without the use of machines, which is undoubtedly hard, however provides work to local, skilled artisans. The parts of the animal that cannot be used for food, leather or carpets are fed to other stray animals, like the many cats roaming the streets of Marrakech. 

Lost Little One Vegetable tanned Moroccan leather bags

It is of the upmost importance, that we are supporting the local trade in Morocco as well as small businesses in Melbourne. In Morocco I choose to work with a small independent company located just outside the city walls in Marrakech, together they join forces with the local tannery and artisans to produce leather goods sourced and made the traditional Moroccan way. I travel to and from Morocco to ensure that all of the practices adhere to our values and that our business is supporting local Moroccan people and artisanal practices. 

Moroccan Artisan working on Lost Little One designs in Marrakech Morocco

Using the same approach here in Melbourne, I only join forces with small, independent, local businesses to turn my vision into a reality. 

leather file

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