Why is Lost Little One is Made in Morocco?

Why is Lost Little One is Made in Morocco?

Amazed is the only word that comes to mind when I think about the way I felt when I first stepped foot on African soil. I was in Spain and realised Morocco was a mere 39km’s away, I couldn’t not. A short ferry ride was all it took to transport me into another world.

Quickly realising that Morocco had much more to offer than what first meets the eye. A melting pot of cultures, the confluence of east and west. Mixing Arab and Berber traditions, creating a country with many faces. Featuring ancient Medina’s and maze like streets, littered with charming locals who want nothing more than to meet you and be that person to help you experience the rich Moroccan culture. Not to mention the vast terrain at hand. Stretching from the High Atlas Mountains, to the Atlantic Ocean and deep into the Western Sahara, there was so much to discover.

I become infatuated with the Moroccan lifestyle and the many unplanned interactions, as though I was in the midst of some kind of organised chaos, which I was forced to just go with it. As anyone who has ever visited Morocco would know, there’s no escaping the hustle and bustle and my experience was very dependant on those by-chance meetings.

I was taken back by the craft of the locals. They created such beautiful objects and were so proud of their ancestry. Nothing was just a thing, everything had a story and everyone wants to share their story with you. In return, I was enchanted by what I was hearing and seeing, I wanted to incorporate this into my reality and truly indulge in everything Morocco had to offer.

Boy sand boarding in the desert

Slow Fashion & Slow Travel

Having the opportunity to live and work in Morocco has been a great adventure so far. Lost Little One is naturally evolving and slow fashion in motion: we know exactly where, how and by whom each bag was crafted. Supporting local artisans and the ancient technique of vegetable tanning leather is all apart of our mission. I often visit the workshop, perfecting designs and meeting with the beautiful artisans who help me to bring my designs to life. 

I do so while encapsulating the essence of 'slow travel', immersing myself wholeheartedly in this beautiful country and culture. Although I’ve visited many times, traveling far and wide, Morocco still never ceases to amaze me, stimulating my every sense in every way.

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