Designed For Life ~ Not Just the Season

Designed For Life ~ Not Just the Season

You've probably heard me talk about our timeless designs over and over again. But what is it that makes our pieces truly timeless? We don't just make for the season. That sh!t is outdated. We create pieces that are going to be around for a lifetime and then some...

Not only are our designs beautiful, sharp, sleek and dare I say it ~ timeless. But they're also made from something extra special, adding to the age-old beauty and lifelong durability.

Famous Moroccan Veg-Tanned Leather

"The older my bag gets, the more I love it. I could never imagine replacing my used bag with a new one. Years of carrying this bag has made it look and feel this way. The beauty is in the creases and the buttery soft leather".

Like a fine wine, Moroccan veg-tanned leather is renowned for gaining beauty with age. For this reason our leather accessories will get even more gorgeous with time, use and love.

As our leather accessories are worn they naturally soften and change. The hide forms distinct contours and natural markings, the colour deepens and a unique patina is gradually created. It's a remarkable process and one that sets our products apart from the rest. 

Why & How?

Vegetable tanned leather is special. Veg-tanning is the age-old technique for creating leather and has been around for over 800 years. It uses only natural resources and has no synthetic coatings. In a nut shell it is less processed and more natural than any other technique of tanning leather— as a result the hide will act like the natural fibre that it is. Resulting in a beautiful, soft, workable material.

This method of tanning is associated with tradition and craft, but in reality very few tanneries have the capability to produce vegetable tanned leather.

Approximately only 10% of the world’s leather is still created in this way, and it takes almost 30 times longer to create.

Here at Lost Little One we refuse to take the easy route at the expense of heritage, humans and the earth. The more I’ve learned about the art of vegetable tanning and the caretakers of this venerable trade, the more amazed and enthralled I’ve become. I’m humbled to be a small part of this world.