Inspired by dope alchemy ~ Eco Luxe Skincare Handmade in Melbourne

Inspired by dope alchemy ~ Eco Luxe Skincare Handmade in Melbourne

dope alchemy plant basedskincare range

Andie is a self proclaimed girl-boss, she's active, educated and a believer in natural healing. A lover of all things creative including music, the arts, people and dancing. In fact Andie loves nothing more then listening to good tunes as she gets through almost everyone of her daily tasks, feeling that music can fuel her just as much as food at times. I can definitely relate and it takes no more than a minute in Andie's presence to connect with her and her philosophy for life. I first met Andie, the founder of dope alchemy in October 2018. Andie's energy is infectious, she's easy and relaxed, with an undeniable high moral compass. She just gets it and people on a personal level and this feeling is what drew me to learn more about herself, her story & dope alchemy; the plant based skincare range that she has spent the last 3 years formulating.
One of the things that first sparked my interest in Andie and her dope products was her open mind and willingness to experiment with natural ingredients. She's a strong advocate for CBD oil which she plans to infuse into all of her products when the use of CBD finally becomes legal here in Australia. From the word go Andie has shown herself to be a true force in the industry, creating skincare with a difference.
On a journey to becoming one of Australia's leading eco brands, dope alchemy is creating amazing, high quality products using sustainable and ethical practices. Each of her multifunctional products is manufactured with ecologically sustainable practices in mind, focusing on managing and minimising her environmental footprint, dope products are handmade in small batches right here in Melbourne and packaged in reusable glass jars with a refilling system in the works. All of which just a small taste of the long term plan which embodies dope's mindful practices.  
It becomes immediately obvious that dope isn't just a product. It's a philosophy, its a lifestyle and one that Andie has put a lot of time into perfecting. The ethics and sustainability behind this Melbourne based label is second to none and I personally am really excited to learn more.

dope alchemy plant based skin care range

Who is dope alchemy? 

dope provide’s eco-luxe and conscious skin, hair and body care formulations created with organic, natural and innovative plant based ingredients using modern science (green chemistry). Each product is multipurpose in nature, intended for women and men who practice and pursue eco-conscious beauty and self care minimalism in their life.

What’s the dope philosophy?
Alchemy of the earth and within of the earth.
Our products are created from organic, natural, hemp and plant based ingredients. 
dope alchemy partners with the Earth to create luxurious handmade, multipurpose, head-to-toe and eco conscious cosmetic formulas. 
Each ingredient is selected based on its potency, functionality, and effectiveness to deliver nourishing products intended for her and him to energise and stimulate a natural, luminous skin tone and complexion.
Alchemy within:
Self care, self love, mindfulness. 

dope alchemy is dedicated to empowering people through promoting the knowledge and practises of self care, self love, and mindfulness. 

dope alchemy plant based skin care range

What inspired you to create your own skincare range? 

The journey began whilst I was a student studying a Bachelor of Health science: majoring in Naturopathy. I was in a herbal manufacturing class and was asked to create a cream using chickweed to treat eczema. The prerequisite for the assignment was that I had to source chickweed and learn to make the cream myself. 

I instantly fell in love with the process, there was a moment where I was like- this is it, this is the start of something big! I continued to study and in my spare time I was developing the said cream and selling to my close friends as an everyday moisturiser. The cream had significant results for people with severe eczema, which led me to defer my uni course and put my heart and soul into a luxury unisex range that was multipurpose, eco-friendly and made using the highest quality organic ingredients. My mission become clear. I was here to create a product that could be on par with the leading brands currently on the market and set a new bar within the cosmetic and beauty world in regards to sustainable and ethical practices. dope has never and will never test our products 
on animals or purchase any ingredients that are. Our approach is to adhere to our core principles which includes well-sourced, sustainable, high quality, organic, ethically made and fair trade ingredients. 

dope alchemy plant based skin care range

What are the benefits of using hemp based products on our skin?

Hemp Seed Oil mimics our natural sebum (oil) regulation, balancing, hydrating, and nourishing your skin. It also reverses the effects of oil loss, making it a superior moisturiser for dry, or dehydrated skin. If your skin is acne prone hemp seed oil effectively moisturises your skin without clogging pores or leaving a heavy, oily residue. It’s the ultimate blend for all your skins conditions. Clinical studies have shown hemp seed oil to be an effective treatment for dermatitis and eczema. 
Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) is native to central Asia and has been used since ancient times in Egypt, China and India for medical and agricultural purposes. Also known as 'natures most perfectly balanced oil', it contains an abundance of active constituents, with 21 amino acids, adequate minerals, balanced omega essential fatty acids, and skin-nourishing GLA (gamma linolenic acid). It's like liquid gold with so many immediate benefits.

dope alchemy plant based skincare range

Do you really grow your own ingredients and hand-make dope products yourself?

Yes indeed, I hand-make all my own products and I actually do grow one of our hero ingredients in my garden at home. It's called chickweed and it's native to Europe, it's a herb that's well known in traditional medicine. Famous for it’s soothing and healing qualities. Once the chickweed has bloomed I hand pick and infuse the herb with an Australian award winning organic olive oil from Northern Grampians. The olives are grown and processed using sustainable, certified organic farming practices and the olive oil combined with the chickweed is incredible ingredient for my products.

The rest of the ingredients are sourced within Australia and are certified organic. The one ingredient that is outsourced is the Shea Butter, which nutrient rich ingredient and hand-crafted from all natural, ethically sourced Shea nuts of the highest quality from women’s co-operatives that operate within Gumo – Kumbungu district in Tamale located in the Northern part of Ghana, West Africa.

dope alchemy plant based skincare range

Can you introduce us to the dope range?

Consisting of 6 products, soon to be 7 the Dope range is
 multifunctional, most of which accompanied by a mantra that you're encouraged to recite as you use them. Making the products a reminder to set your intentions for yourself. 

dope cream

A rich moisturising cream designed to energise and stimulate a luminous skin tone and complexion, as well as provide nourishing nail and haircare. 

dope balm

Designed to hydrate and nourish lips, face & body.

dope blend

Designed to promote a sense of calm, encourage a state of nirvana and soothe the body. Use to combat anxiety, stress, mental fatigue, and bodily tension in a sensory and non invasive way.

Eco Razor

Our eco razor is pure metal with a matte black finish intended for a silky, smooth and lush shave for her and him. 

Gua Sha

The Gua Sha is an incredible massage tool, the oldest components of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Eco Toothbrush 

Featuring a biodegradable, compostable bamboo handle and charcoal infused bristles.

dope alchemy skincare range eco razor

Tell us about the “I am” campaign? 
I am - a campaign for those who wish to improve their feelings of self love, empowerment and alchemy (harmony and growth) within.

This campaign runs parallel to our philosophy, alchemy within.  It is inspired by my personal development and growth practices, acting as a catalyst for discovering self love, acceptance and empowerment. 

I personally believe that our thoughts provide a glimpse into our core beliefs and that our beliefs play a major role in creating our realities and identities, including how we perceive ourselves. I'm a believer that everyone is their own alchemist, and that in engaging in our own internal dialogue affirming “I am”, you can enhance your feelings of self-love and worth, leading to a more positive relationship within yourself. I basically want to encourage the “I am” mantra as a powerful mindfulness tool that can easily integrated into your life.

dope alchemy plant based skincare range

Where do you see dope alchemy in 5 years? 
I see dope as one of the leading eco brand in the green beauty and organic skincare market within Australia and worldwide. The range will transition to a be cannabis based, and all the  products will be infused with CBD oil. I’m waiting for Australian laws to change because CBD is currently illegal. I also have every intention to make CBD oil elixirs that can be taken orally for optimum health, treatment of anxiety and many body ailments.

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