The Beauty of Getting Lost, with Freelance Writer Remi

The Beauty of Getting Lost, with Freelance Writer Remi

Life works in circles – or maybe it's parallels. Whatever it is, I'm enjoying finding the patterns. For two years I spent March within the 5km radius of my home. This year I spent March working at a hostel in the Old Town of Dubrovnik on the southern coast of Croatia, exploring and enjoying the sun. Another closed city, but for entirely different reasons – some really, really old walls. 

Adventuring with freelance writer Em

It took me a long time to get here. Like lots of people, this was the trip/move that was intended to go ahead in 2020. (We all know what happened there). I finally got on a plane three months ago, the result of a spur-of-the-moment decision to book a flight three weeks before I left. It was just close enough that I couldn’t talk myself out of it – and I’m so glad I didn’t. A lot of the time it still feels surreal. A little while ago I went on an all-terrain quad biking tour with my partner and some Aussies we’d met at a hostel. I was driving this huge bike through rocky mountain crops, bouncing and skidding around the path kicking dust everywhere with Bosnia and Herzegovina on my left, and Croatia on my right. Even in the barren mountains there was a rainbow of colours, and I had one of those beautiful moments where you look around and think – holy shit, this is my life. 

I’m Remi – a writer here at Lost Little One. I’ve been traipsing around Europe since February, and I don’t plan on coming home anytime soon.

Adventures with Freelance writer Em

So far I’ve visited Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands, France and Spain. After Spain we'll go to Italy, and then from there – who knows! For a veeeeeery anxious person, living life day by day has been an excellent exercise in letting go. I hate to bring up the ‘Rona again, but in these ‘unprecedented times’, it’s still hard to plan much whilst travelling. I think if anything though, that just increases the adventure. Originally I was meant to start in Portugal, but due to some roadblocks had to completely pivot and head through Eastern Europe instead. The beautiful lesson I’ve learnt while backpacking is that you can always come back later – just enjoy where you are now. 

Getting Lost in Barcelona with Freelance writer Em

I’m incredibly grateful to be able to freelance for a business like Lost Little One that really celebrates and encourages a sense of adventure. Working remotely and exploring hidden corners of the world is a dream come true. 

I’ve been penning down my travel stories in my one-of-a-kind journal (thanks Dom!), and I really mean it when I say that my Gemma Crossbody Bag comes everywhere with me. I’ve felt so safe keeping my valuables close to my chest, and I love being able to hide it underneath a shirt if need be.

Adventure with Freelance writer Em

Forcing myself to push through my anxiety about the bad things that could happen and just focussing on what good things are happening has been the best move I've ever made. I can't wait to see (and write about) what comes next! 

If you can – I highly recommend getting lost.