Founder's Story

Founder's Story

My Lost Little One journey began in the backstreets of Marrakech. I was on a wild adventure where I found myself enthralled in the heady chaos of North Africa. I fell in love with the people, the culture and the beautiful things that they created; all by hand. I wanted to be a part of it. To put it simply, I wanted a reason to return to this beautiful place time and time again. 

I began working with a local leather artisan. I designed and he meticulously handcrafted each piece, bringing them to life one stitch at a time. Using the most gorgeous veg-tanned leather, sourced from the local, ancient tannery. 

The whole process was charming, and it made me think deeply about everything I owned. As a traveller I didn’t have much. But the things I did carry were special, mostly because I knew where, when and how they were crafted.

And so, the seed was planted and Lost Little One was born.
We began crafting our collection utilising Moroccan veg-tanned leather, renowned for its premium quality. Famous for growing more beautiful with age, our leather becomes increasingly supple, develops distinct contours, and undergoes a deepening of colour. Every piece acquires a unique patina, telling its own story with each and every use.

The Lost Little One ethos has been crystal clear since day dot. We thoughtfully craft in small batches and design for the fashion conscious. My mission is to release timeless pieces that you’ll carry on all your adventures, transcending seasons and passing the test of time.

Fast forward seven years and Lost Little One’s core values have never felt more aligned. As I embark on my new journey into motherhood, I am rediscovering my own collection. As a minimalist, I’m proud to experience first hand how my simple, timeless pieces are taking me through the various chapters of my own life. 

What started off as travel bags, made for those long dusty treks through the desert, has morphed into something much, much more. Our bespoke handcrafted leather accessories are perfect for carrying all my essentials. From taking care of my baby girl to heading off to a business meeting, and everything between. Blending sleek style with functional features - our collection adapts seamlessly to any occasion. All done without compromising on style and quality. 

Focusing on timeless designs, ethical manufacturing and sustainable sourcing of our materials, Lost Little One creates leather goods designed to travel with you on all of life's adventures.