The World Is Changing & We Are Too

The World Is Changing & We Are Too

Morocco is an essential part of Lost Little One, and we’re always in touch with our artisans and friends there. We usually visit for months each year; it’s our second home. Then COVID-19 happened. Hello, new world.

In Morocco this meant imposition of a state of emergency from March until July. All normal activity was suspended and people were confined to their homes. Global lockdown also meant we weren’t able to travel to Morocco for the first time in years, which has had us yearning. 

Morocco call state of emergency as covid-10 lockdowns are enstated


Clearly our much loved artisans in Marrakech have been unable to produce any new leather goods, let alone go about their usual lives. This is totally different to what we’ve experienced in Australia. While we’re denied flat whites and house parties, in Morocco if you leave your home the stakes are much higher. With the military patrolling the streets and the fear that if this explodes, will Morocco have all the infrastructure to deal with such a catastrophe?

We've been checking in with our artisans and friends in Morocco, keeping updated with the situation and their feelings about new life. Using this time to their advantage, our Moroccan mates have been resting, spending quality time with friends & family and lapping up the slow pace. And then we got the news, the state of emergency was lifted. After months of being housebound, our friends can (cautiously) try to assume the new normal and return to the workshop. And we're ready and eager to support this, with plenty of new designs for our artisans to tackle.

Moroccan calls state of emergency as country braces for covid-10

For everyone asking, the short answer is YES! We will be re-stocking Lost Little One. Just like always our products are crafted using slow fashion practices and handmade the traditional way in Marrakech. As life starts to resume some form of normality in Morocco, our team are taking caution and creating our timeless designs, which we are hoping will be back and available in all 4 earthy shades very soon. 

If there was ever a time to support ethical and slow fashion practices, it's now! Although we are low in stock and in high demand, we're sticking by our slow fashion and ethical manufacturing practices more than ever. We will continue to create our beautiful products in small, limited batches.

Lost Little One handmade Moroccan leather bags and accessories

What's Next? 

We’re not one for resting on our laurels, and being in lockdown doesn’t mean hibernating. We’ve crafted a project here in Melbourne using local materials and skills picked up during many months immersed in the Marrakech Medina. Utilising kangaroo leather, we’ve designed, stitched and perfected a sleek new range in Melbourne. Invested in maintaining the authenticity of Lost Little One - made in ancient Morocco by expert tanners - we recognised that this was something else, something tangential: the birth of a new bespoke collection, made right here in Melbourne.

Ohti leather accessories

Introducing Our Melbourne Bespoke Collection

Specialising in bespoke, handcrafted leather accessories and locally manufactured apparel. Melbourne designed & made, Lost Little One bespoke designs are sleek, sexy & effortlessly stylish. Our mission is to create beautiful, handcrafted pieces, made from luxurious materials; just for you. Transcending seasons & becoming apart of your everyday life & style.