It's Been A Rough Year. But We're Back!

It's Been A Rough Year. But We're Back!

It's no lie that 2020 sucked for most of us. Without any other option I embraced the break and time to reset in Melbourne, buy I desperately missed Morocco, my friends & Moroccan life. I've missed jumping on a plane, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and spending my days basking in that hot African sun. But most of all I've missed being able to design, create and craft with my artisans in Marrakech.

It comes with great pleasure to finally be able to share some amazing news with our loyal Lost Little One customers.

After a long year off, ancient leather tanneries in Morocco are back in action and our beautiful leather artisans in Marrakech are ready and able to get back in the workshop and resume doing what they love!

Over the years we've formed a close relationship with our Moroccan comrades and in the last 12 months we've been in constant contact. Always checking in, getting and giving updates on how this weird situation is affecting our two different worlds. Much like everyone else my artisans and I have adjusted and adapted. Now we tackle the next part of this journey together, as we work as a team with 10853 miles between us.

Our Moroccan Leather artisans in Marrakech

We're extremely excited that we've joined forces with our Moroccan friends yet again and within the next few weeks we will begin creating our beautiful handmade Moroccan leather bags and accessories; designed in Melbourne and crafted in the backstreets of that amazing Marrakech Medina.

Moroccan leather tannery in Mattakech


With this news we are extremely happy to announce that slowly but surely we will be restocking the Lost Little One online store and throwing some epic slow sales along the way. 

Meeting supply with demand is all apart of our conscious manufacturing ethos and to do this we need your help! We would love to hear from you to tell us what it is that you want to see restocked first.

We've decided to take it slow create a couple of designs at a time. Sticking to our slow fashion practices and ensuring that our artisans are supplied steady, maintainable work.

Ethically handmade Moroccan leather bags and accessories


We need you to tell us what you want! If there's a design that you've been waiting for, let us know! The Lost Little One designs with the most requests will be the ones that we create first.  

Get in touch & tell us what you'd like to see restocked on the online shop, we'd love to hear from you.

Ethically handmade Moroccan leather bags and accessories


Our Slow Sale is available on selected 'out of stock' designs, allowing you to pre-order a Lost Little One leather bag or accessory at 10% OFF, and wait 6-8 weeks while it's handcrafted just for you.

By participating in a Slow Sale you are actively supporting slow fashion and the makers who create our beautiful leather bags. By helping us shorten our supply chain, we are able offer a discount to our loyal customers, all while supplying steady, fair paid work to our artisans in Morocco.

As we start making and restocking our online store we'll also be making designs available via our slow sale. 

As a member of our subscribers list you'll be the first to know when our slow sale drops. Thank you for your patience, for supporting us and our artisans & most importantly for being a fellow advocate of slow fashion practices.

Learn more about our Lost Little One slow sale.

Ethically handmade leather bags and accessories