Journal Guide

Journal Guide

 Our Journals are available in an array of colours and sizes. Here is a guide on choosing the right book for you! 

We have 4 book sizes (from smallest to biggest). 

Notebook: L13cm x H19cm

A5 Journal: L14cm x H21cm

B5 Sketchpad: L17.5cm x H25cm

Sketchbook: L19cm x H26cm

All books are conveniently refillable.

Purchase refills here.

Start by choosing your book size, then decide on one of these 5 styles... 


Simply made for that sleek look. These leather journals are uncomplicated in design, the beautiful leather simply wrapping around a refillable book with 2 pockets on either side of the cover. No fuss & a polished finish. Monogram your name anywhere on the cover.


Lace journals are made with a small fold over on the front and a lace tie that wraps around and secures your journal closed. Lace journals have a vintage feel to them & we usually monogram your name on the left (top / bottom).


Button journals are very similar to our lace journals ~ with one obvious difference. Choose between silver or bronze hardware. We also recommend left top/bottom for your monogram.


Deluxe journals are just that. These can only be made from our biggest pieces of leather as the cover wraps completely around the front. Giving you that vintage fold over look, while providing a blank canvas to monogram your name or personalised text anywhere on the front.

Raw Edge:

Raw edge journals are extra special. These pieces follow the natural edge of the leather hide, giving you the most unique and authentic look and feel. Our raw edge journals are not only beautiful, but they also aids in our war against waste. Crafting these journals helps us use every piece of leather we receive to its fullest potential.

100% ZERO WASTE crafting!

All styles are available in all sizes and colours. If you can't see the option you want online, simply contact us and we'll custom make for you.

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