Melbourne Bespoke Collection

Melbourne Bespoke Collection


Specialising in bespoke handcrafted leather accessories, all pieces in the Melbourne Collection are personalised and made to order. 

"Forced into suspended animation by a global pandemic, hands and minds were getting restless. I cloistered myself in the Melbourne studio. A spark was struck and an idea bloomed."- Dominique, founder of Lost Little One.

Melbourne designed & made our bespoke designs are sleek, sexy & effortless. Our mission is to create beautiful, handcrafted pieces, made from luxurious materials; just for you. 

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Bespoke Leather Accessories 

We use locally sourced vegetable tanned Kangaroo leather to handcraft our original bespoke designs. Each hide that we use is unique, featuring markings that celebrate the beauty of veg-tanned leather. Every one of our pieces is handcrafted in the Melbourne based workshop and made to order. Available in 8 earthy tones, with the option of silver or bronze hardware and full customisation. When worn our beautiful, buttery soft kangaroo leather will further soften and mould to you, forming an alluring, unique patina and truly becoming your own. 

Lost Little One is passionate about ethical practices and proudly slow fashion in motion. Handcrafting and customising our beautiful designs which are made to order, gives us the unique ability to create and craft only what we need. It also allows us to tailor our designs for each individual and valued customer, who in turn will cherish their new, one of a kind bespoke leather accessory. 

Our Story

Unable to return to North Africa for the foreseeable future, naturally it was time to adapt and further incorporate my life and love for Morocco with my roots here in Melbourne. I’ve been busy experimenting with techniques absorbed deep inside those Moroccan Medinas. Working closely with fellow Aussie's we've sourced veg-tanned kangaroo leather, created using the same techniques that our Moroccan counterparts use in those endearing ancient tanneries. 

I've spent months tinkering away in my Melbourne workshop, crafting new designs that embody the raw beauty of leather and the sharp, polished vibe of Melbourne city streets. Combining the skills I've acquired while working with traditional leather artisans and veg-tanned leather in Morocco.

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Ohti Studio Bespoke Knife Roll

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