Jewellery & Accessories

Adorn yourself with more than just aesthetics. Lost Little One presents its "Jewellery and Accessories" collection, a stunning array of ethical jewellery and accoutrements, exuding both elegance and ethos. From intricately designed rings and chokers to stylish caps, every piece makes a statement beyond its beauty.

As with all things Lost Little One, the focus is on ethical craftsmanship. Each ring, choker, cuff, and cap in this collection is meticulously created to celebrate authentic artistry while adhering to sustainable practices:

All Lost Little One jewellery is fair-trade and artisan-made, with all sales directly supporting the ZLT Hope Home in Nairobi.

Our collection of ethical jewellery transcends the standard norms of fashion. The materials we choose, the artisans we collaborate with, and the ethical guidelines we uphold, are all elements that contribute to the distinctive charm of each piece.

So, regardless of the piece you select, each product tells its own story—a narrative spun in the loom of responsibility, integrity, and impeccable style.