Sample Sale

Dive into Lost Little One's coveted sample sale, where our intricate leather crafts meet incredible value. Every piece, from leather crossbody bags to wallets, tells a tale of artistry, even with its minor distinctions. These are unique gems with a touch of character, awaiting their perfect match.

Lost Little One's sample sale is an exclusive curation of leather treasures with a touch of individuality. While some of our pieces may carry a slight mark or a variation in stitching, their beauty and craftsmanship remain uncompromised. Here's an opportunity to own a handmade leather bag or accessory with value akin to a leather bag sale.

Why are they special? Perhaps it's a completely new sample, setting the tone for a new line, or maybe it wears its journey from Marrakech to Melbourne, evident in its unique markings. 

Remember, all imperfections are minor, adding a signature touch to your chosen piece.

**It's essential to note that refunds or exchanges are not available for our sample collection, so choose with care and love. If you're eyeing a specific piece, we recommend reaching out to understand its distinct features and history.

As always, our Moroccan leather is steeped in tradition, hand-dyed in intimate batches. The vegetable tanning process lends its unique charm, resulting in variations in shade and tone, especially in lighter hues like tan and vintage brown. Our images aim to capture the essence, but each piece, with its markings and nuances, is truly one-of-a-kind.

Each product in this collection carries the Lost Little One promise of quality and authenticity.