Leather Poufs

Ethically Handmade in Marrakech our leather poufs are vegetable dyed and hand embroidered. Available in an array of earthy tones, these practical leather accessories are a great way to to add a little Moroccan charm to a room or space.
We source our leather from the ancient tannery in Marrakech, one of very few tanneries to still be using traditional techniques to produce vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanned leather is very unique and the process is one of the lengthiest used in the leather industry today. It requires skilled artisans and organic tannins to slowly dye the hide naturally over time. The result being beautiful soft vegetable tanned leather in an array of rich earthy tones.
Lost Little One leather accessories will change over time, with every use the leather will soften and mould and a patina will form making every item unique. 
Please note, because of the nature of handmade vegetable tanned leather, colours may vary slightly, in particular the lighter tones.