Leather Poufs

Infuse a touch of Morocco into your living space with Lost Little One’s Moroccan leather poufs. Exquisitely handcrafted and designed with the perfect blend of Melbourne style and Moroccan culture, each pouf is a statement of comfort, craftsmanship, and elegance.

At the heart of Lost Little One’s collection lies the promise of authenticity, and our Moroccan leather poufs are no exception. Ethically crafted by skilled leather artisans deep within the historic alleys of Morocco, each pouf embodies the rich traditions and artistry of its origin. Whether you choose the Vintage Brown Moroccan Leather Pouf or the deep shades of the Black Moroccan Leather Ottoman, you are investing in a piece that's more than just a seating option; it's a work of art.

The vibrant colours, tactile textures, and intricate details of our Moroccan poufs stand as a testament to the age-old veg-dying process we deeply cherish. This artisanal technique results in leather hues that are rich and varied, with each batch having its unique shade and tone. This diversity is especially noticeable in lighter colours like tan, adding to the uniqueness of each pouf.

From providing a comfortable seating alternative to elevating the aesthetics of your room, our leather poufs are versatile in function and unparalleled in beauty. Bring home a piece of Moroccan heritage with Lost Little One’s Moroccan leather ottoman collection and transform your space with its timeless charm.

Please note that all poufs come unfilled. We recommend filling poufs with upcycled materials such as old pillows, clothes, bed linen, towels & unused fabric. This creates a strong, structured yet soft pouf, while also being environmentally friendly.