Veg-Tanned Kangaroo Leather

Bespoke by design and timeless by nature, our leather journals are handcrafted exclusively for you.

Sourced from wild kangaroos, our leather bears beautiful naturally occurring 'bush scars' reminiscent of the Australian outback. These natural characteristics come in the form of growth marks, scratches, insect bites and scars. Every skin we use is unique, with variations in colour and these beautiful markings, making every design one of a kind. 

Kangaroo leather is lightweight, strong & flexibleCreated to age like a fine wine, with each use your new leather accessory will begin to soften. New creases will appear and your piece will transform to become uniquely yours.

Our kangaroo leather is hand-dyed in small quantities. Due to the artisanal nature of veg-dying, each batch varies slightly in shade and tone, particularly the lighter colours.

We ask that you use our pictures as a reference only.