Behind the Brand

Behind the Brand

Lost Little One is powered and inspired by human connection. There’s a close-knit but globally-spread community involved in its inception, its refinement and its evolution. It’s about time we introduce ourselves. 

Founder of Lost Little One Dom in Morocco

The key ingredient and catalyst in this operation is our founder Dom, whose expired Schengen access spurred her into northern Africa. Always keen for adventure, she dove solo into the heady chaos of Morocco and realised this was it: she’d found her calling. Dom was enthralled by the bazaars and souks, the collision of cultures, the traditional and the contemporary. Exploring the twisting alleyways of the ancient Medina, she came across a tannery and a man named Abdu. His age-old expertise in leatherwork and her modern designs meant that though their languages were different, they shared a dream. Lost Little One was born.

Mustang convertible in Australian outback, Two girls walking into the sunset, girl sitting in car all featuring vegetable tanned leather bags

 She spent the next four months living simply in Morocco and working with Abdu on the first collection of vegetable-tanned leather bags. Each piece is lovingly designed and painstakingly handcrafted; there’s nothing fast about this fashion. Lost Little One is conscious of its impact; ethical sourcing and production are the backbone of our brand. Dom learned everything about leather-craft from scratch, and knows intimately each step of her supply chain. She can tell you exactly where, when and by whom your bag was created.

Group of friends in the Aussie Outback. Lost Little One Moroccan leather bags shoot 001

Extroverted Dom is a people person. She had been watching her mates do amazing things, but what appealed most was the thought of creating something together. And the feeling was mutual. On a cool day in March, armed with a drone and her dad's Mustang, Dom and 8 friends bashed around the Australian bush snapping shots for the first look book. Not a bad day at the office. A year later, on her next trip to Morocco, she was joined by the same friends, this time rollicking through the desert. At this point the LLO vision was clear to Dom: it’s about adventure, intrigue, and friendship.

Friends exploring the Western Sahara in Morocco, blue skies and dusty yellow sand Friends exploring the western Sahara together. Blue skies and yellow sand as far as the eye can see

Lost Little One is an adventure, one that weaved Dom through the backstreets of an unfamiliar, maze-like city to create beautiful things with beautiful people. Often she returns to Morocco with enamoured friends in tow, and these are the same people you’ll see in our promo videos and campaign shoots. They’re the same people with which Dom lives and parties and plays with, the ones behind and in front of the lens, those supplying the sweet soundtracks, the person writing this. Lost Little One is a wild adventure in creating beautiful things in gorgeous places with exceptional people. We hope you’ll join us.

Lost Little One handmade Moroccan leather bags