Meet the Makers : Our Leather Artisans

Meet the Makers : Our Leather Artisans

It is of the upmost importance, that we are supporting the local trade in Morocco.  You may have heard the name Abdussamed mentioned from time to time. This is our very first artisan and the man who helped to bring Lost Little One to life.  A father of four and a leather worker for more than 20 years. I chose to work one on one with Abdu in Morocco after meeting him on my second trip to Marrakech. I spent 4 months working with Abdu to perfect our first ever range and he was responsible for bringing some of our favourite designs to life. By travelling to and from Morocco and personally sourcing our artisans we can guarantee that our business is directly benefiting local Moroccan people. 

Meet the Makers of Lost Little One in Marrakech

As we have grown we found the need to source more artisans to help with production. Since starting Lost Little One we've joined forces with a small Moroccan family business nestled deep inside the Marrakech Medina. With a history that dates back to the 1950's, J.Cuir provide full time work to more than 20 local artisans in Marrakech. Their workshop is conveniently located only seconds away from the community tannery where all of our leather is sourced. I had the pleasure of visiting this very tannery while in Morocco and it was a beautiful experience. This particular tannery is located in a very local area, outside of the centre of the Medina. The vibe is very relaxed in the tannery, the leather workers are never bothered by tourists and just casually go about their day, creating beautiful handworked leather. 

Ethically Handmade Moroccan Leather Bags & Accessories ~ Meet the Makers

I chose to work with this J.Cuir for many reasons. Of course they create beautiful leather bags and source all their leather from the traditional Moroccan tannery, but the front of house of this family business is run by women! This was an amazing find after so many years of travelling to and from Morocco. Working with Karima, Abdel and their team is an absolute pleasure. While living in Morocco I spend my days coming back and forth from the workshop, perfecting designs and overseeing the production of our bags. As Lost Little One has grown, we have also watched J.Cuir grow with us, which is a great achievement for everyone involved and a core value of Lost Little One. Ensuring our artisans are benefiting from our business is an important part of the process.  

Moroccan leather artisans working in the tannery in Marrakech

Knowing who makes our products is important to us. Visiting the workshop and building a relationship with our artisans is a key part of the experience, being able to be apart of the hustle and bustle of Morocco is what it's all about.

Knowing exactly where our raw materials are sourced is also a massive priority to LLO. We chose to use vegetable tanned leather because of the history that ties it to Morocco and its people. The tanners were believed to have been the first to settle in Marrakech over eight hundred years ago, and here they remain, still using the same ancient techniques to create Moroccan leather. 

Ethically sourced, Melbourne designed, Moroccan made.  


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