Cailin's Creative Awakening

Cailin's Creative Awakening

Becoming a mother ignited a newfound inspiration within Cailin, unlocking doors a new found sense of creativity. This journey has empowered her to explore gardening, natural plant dyeing, knitting, and more.

Cailin's unending desire to explore new places and cultures serves as a wellspring of inspiration for her photography. Traveling, she believes, allows her to see the beauty in everyday life with fresh eyes.

As a mother, Cailin has a special affection for Lost Little One bags, particularly the Rivers backpack. This versatile bag has become her everyday companion, not only her personal belongings but also the essentials for her little one, like diapers and extra clothes. 
Whether they're off exploring the world or just navigating her daily routine, the Rivers backpack is the perfect accessory.

For Cailin, living mindfully and consciously is of utmost importance. She admires Lost Little One's commitment to sustainability, operating on a small scale and maintaining direct relationships with artisans. This aligns perfectly with Cailin's values.

Cailin's parting advice to fellow new mothers is a reminder that the journey can be challenging, but that's perfectly okay. Not everything needs to be figured out, and creativity has its seasons. The key is to let creative inspiration infuse every aspect of motherhood. Even when time is limited, the presence of creativity can bring joy to all facets of life.

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