Travel Diaries: Uluru, a Desert Oasis in The Centre Of Australia

Travel Diaries: Uluru, a Desert Oasis in The Centre Of Australia

We packed our bags, loaded the car and set off to leave Melbourne – and it felt damn good. We left without much of a plan. All I knew was that I’d been missing the desert – the vast nothingness and the silence that comes with being in the middle of nowhere. The aim was slow travel. Enjoy the ride, stop to smell the fresh air, meet the locals, listen to stories and share our own. We wanted hours of driving with nothing but the open road, early mornings with epic sunrises and meals cooked outdoors. 

couple traveling through Australia

After five days on the road we made it to the Aussie Outback! Nothing surrounded us except the burnt colours of the desert. We were on barren land, walking on red dirt and basking in the hot sun beating down on our skin. We had one more long drive ahead of us – not that we minded. Alternating between lapping up the scenery, chatting for hours and sitting in blissful silence was a welcome change from the commotion of the city that we’d left behind.

girl holding leather bag in aussie outback

On the last leg of the drive, the sky turned black. We’d entered the eye of an insane desert storm! We took it slow, flashes of lightning breaking up the darkness overhead. It was a long, entertaining day – at times scary, at times we giggled through the fear. But it was all worth it because we came out the other side to 40 degree weather, bright blue skies and rainbows! 

We’d made it to Uluru, and it was nothing short of spectacular.  

Couple traveling to Uluru

It’s all so magical – a massive rock in the middle of nowhere, so hard and lifeless-seeming yet producing so much life. Uluru is home for so many, capturing water and creating shade for flora and fauna to flourish in. There are caves and crevices used for shelter, tools to survive – as if they were placed there by the Gods to help form a community. The light bounces off it in a different, beautiful way every hour of the day. Each angle is a new opportunity to appreciate this amazing rock. 

Kata Tjuta Northern Territory

Then there’s its not-so-little little sister Kata Tjuta. The dark horse of the two, Kata Tjuta is far less popular but so aesthetically pleasing. Made up of multiple bulging rocks that peek up and around each other, the light rebounding from every surface was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. If you’re the adventurous type, there are amazing hikes to trek. Come at the right time of year and there are epic watering holes and waterfalls!

travel couple to Uluru central Australia

We’d only planned to be here two days, but we knew as soon as we got here it was never going to be enough. 

We extended one day… then another… and then one more for good measure. 

On the fifth day when we were reluctantly going to leave, we found out the downpour on the way up was just as scary as it seemed. A freak of nature – one that happens 1 in 200 years to be exact! The only road back to South Australia was completely flooded and we were stranded – but we didn’t feel stuck. Unable to leave this 41 degree desert oasis, we really embraced the opportunity to slow down, sit still and immerse ourselves in our newfound home. 

couple traveling to uluru wearing leather crossbody bags

Our two days turned into twenty, and in the end it was hard to leave. But our three weeks living in Yulara have set off a fire in our bellies and a thirst to hit the road again.

Lost Little One was designed for a life of adventures. Our bags are designed to take you from day to night, desert to dinner, work to play or beach to bar, because we believe you CAN have it all! 

Come get lost with me. 

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Couple travel to Uluru Central Australia

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