Travel Diaries : Essaouira, A Moroccan Paradise

Travel Diaries : Essaouira, A Moroccan Paradise
Essaouira holds a very special place in my heart. Back in 2016, at the beginning of my Lost Little One journey I found myself with a few weeks to spare. Naturally I wanted to explore this beautiful country. I found myself in  Essaouira and I had every intention of just passing through, however this place seems to have an irresistible energy and I found myself blissfully stuck in this vibrant beachside city.   

I was lucky enough to call Essaouira home for a cruisy 6 week, in this time I met an array of eclectic travellers also 'passing through' this Moroccan paradise. Playing host to flocks of surfers and wind-surfers every year, Essaouira is well known amongst the surf community. The old Medina was originally founded in 1760 and is located right on the edge of the ocean, with the waves constantly crash on the city walls. Wandering the Medina feels like you’ve stepped into another world. There is a feeling of freshness in the city, influenced by the sea breeze and the smell of local fresh produce, both of these contributing to the charming character of this beautiful Moroccan city.

Located right on the sea Essaouira offers everything from surfing and wind-surfing, quad biking, or camel and horse rides on the beach. Personally, I love the cuisine that Essaouira has to offer, with a wide range of local produce; you can even buy fish directly from local fisherman, and have it cooked for you right there at the port entrance.

Strolling along the beach and witnessing Morocco’s entrancing sunsets will offer you tranquil insights into the inner peace that you can find in this country.
 Essaouira also has a local bottle shop, bar, and lots of live music and events to experience. Most famous for hosting The World Gnaoua Music Festival, which sees thousands of musicians travel from far and wide to converge on this special part of the planet every year.

Also finding fame by playing a very important part of the official hippie trail in the 1970’s, Essaouira boasts a long list of well known artists who have at some point called this place home, including rock icon Jimmy Hendrix.

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