Why We Love Dr.Martens Balsam

Lost Little One leather bags dr martens Balsam

Ever since we started this Lost Little One journey we've been looking for the perfect product to recommend to you guys to help protect your new bag. With an abundance of products on the market we were waiting for something to really stand out and we finally found it! We stumbled across Dr.Martens Balsam and haven't looked back. This all in one product will protect your bag, while softening and helping to wear in the leather. 
Dr Martens Balsam leather protector
Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam is a blend of natural and synthetic waxes formulated to nourish, condition and protect leather. This formula keeps most leathers soft and supple, without polishing. The natural ingredients clean and protect leather to keep it soft and supple. Wonder Balsam protects against water, liquid and salt marks. 
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Lost Little One leather bags dr martens Balsam