Working From Home Survival Guide

Working From Home Survival Guide

working from home survival guide

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Most of us are accustom to the hustle and bustle of life. We enter each and everyday with some kind of a plan of attack, a list of things we strive to complete, places we need to visit and people we want to see. However due to uncertain times we've been asked to change our everyday routine and stay home. 

Since starting Lost Little One in 2016 I've been working from my Melbourne home. While we're all learning and adjusting to a new way of living, I'd love to share my hot tips and tricks for being productive in your new home office.

Lost Little One working from home survival guide

Lost Little One Working From Home Survival Guide.

1. Find your flow

Not everyone functions best on a 9-5 schedule. My first tip is to figure out what time of day works best for you and go with that. Once you know, set yourself some business hours and stick with them. Don't forget to keep your work/life balance. 

2. Get ready for your day

Regardless of what time you decide to start, make sure you get yourself ready for the day ahead. Now I don't necessarily mean that you should put on a full face of makeup and a business suit (unless you want to). But I do think it is really important to distinguish between home you and work you. Wake up, do your bed, shower, eat breakfast and then go to work. I love that I can start my day relaxed, but there is always that moment where I decide it's time to go to work. 

working from home survival guide

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3. Set the vibe

For me this means creating a work space that feels good. I like neutral colours, natural light and lots of green around me. Everything in my office space feels earthy, which makes me feel like I'm outside even when I'm inside. I always make sure my space is clean and free of clutter, as this helps me focus. Oh and I'm a sucker for incense, I love myself some soft smells keeping the space feel fresh. 

Find your vibe and set it, create a space that inspires you to sit down and do your thing!

working from home survival guide

working from home survival guide

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4. Set the tone

Music is the most important part of my day. It sets the mood for what I am doing, changes the way that I think and helps shift my energy. I always start my morning by picking a Lost Little One Playlist on Spotify. I have a bunch that I've curated for any mood I'm in or task ahead. Here's one that I've been jamming to this week 'Lost Little One | Bringer of the chill vibe' a collection of soft hip hop & funky but relaxed beats.

Want new tunes straight to your inbox? We'll be sliding into your DM's more regularly with vibing tunes and fun playlists for you to listen to.

Stay tuned... literally! 

 5. Take breaks

Just like when you're in the office, setting yourself works breaks is really important. Give yourself a full hour where you remove yourself from your workroom and do something for yourself. Eat a healthy meal, treat yourself to some fresh air, a minute on the couch, a chapter of the book you're reading or a stroll around the yard. Stretch your legs, have a chat with a friend and give yourself and your mind the break it deserves.  

working from home survival guide

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6. Plan your day

Just like when at work it's important to give yourself achievable tasks to complete. Sharing your home with work can make distinguishing between the two difficult. Sometimes I find myself working through the night because I'm in a flow, which is amazing. But remind yourself that there needs to be a time to switch off, so by having tasks to complete it can help you decide when your work day ends and your free time begins.

7. Exercise

Don't forget to move your body. It can be easy to get into a new routine where you roll out of your bed and straight to your desk, just because you can (trust me). The novelty of lazing around gets boring very quickly, so find an hour of your day to get some exercise. I like to take my dog for a walk in the park or do an hour of yoga outside. I've also come across some awesome online workouts which make smashing a quick 30 minute exercise super fun and easy. Just because we can't go out, doesn't mean we can't move.  

working from home survival guide

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8. Connect with friends

Don't forget to keep your contact with the outside world. When working at home I sometimes feel like I miss out on work friends and daily interactions that everyone else has. A quick little FaceTime with a mate always helps me reset and refocus. 

9. Digital detox 

If you're working from your computer, don't forget to turn it off and do something else. Take your weekends and evenings for yourself and a proper break from technology. 

10. Remove social platforms 

All of a sudden there's no boss around and you can do what you please. To keep your productivity on point I would suggest removing your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and any other social platform from the room. Having them so accessible can be huge distraction. Even if it's just a quick look, we all know what it's like to go down that hole. So save the look for break time. 

Most importantly enjoy the serenity, chilled out environment and flexibility of working from home. Take care of yourself, your lovers and your neighbours in these tough times and remember we're all in this together.

xx Dom 

working from home survival guide

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