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Stephen Slouch
Lenny Kangas
The bag smells like chemicals

The bags nice, however it smells like chemicals and I won’t use it as I’m sensitive to smells. It’s very over powering

The bag is lovely, a little smaller than what I was expecting however great size. And not as soft as I would have thought.
I don’t like the smell of the bag, it’s a very strong chemical smell.
Other than that it looks lovely, packaged in a lovely bag and the detail inside is really nice

Hi Lenny,

Thank you so much for your purchase and your review. Our leather bags soften and change as you use them, the leather becomes more supple with every use and this helps to release and diminish the veg-tanned leather smell that is present when the bag first arrives. In about two weeks you'll notice the smell of your bag should be almost neutral and a patina will be forming. To speed up this process we recommend working in your hands, don't be scared to play with the leather, it all adds to the end beauty.

In our opinion our bags look best when they've been worn for a few months, and even better after a few years. Our mission is to create designs that get better with age. We'd love to hear from you again once you've worn your leather in.

xx LLO

Beautiful backpack

This is the best backpack I’ve bought. The tan leather is soft and getting softer with every use. The colour is changing to a unique patterns showing through. It fits so much but is still so light on your back. I can fit my phone, wallet, kindle, keys, sunglasses, plus more. Such a great purchase that will last forever!

Abby Sling
Katie Byford
Cute but practical goodness

Oh what a sweet little cross body bag. As soon as I opened the package I knew I would get a lot of use out of this beautifully made bit of cuteness. It fits everything you need for a day or night out, and looks great slung over a casual or smart outfit. Love this bag

Drij Sling
Niki K
Love it

Love this bag for any occasion. Love the leather and shape. It matches so well with my outfits 🤎

Luke Sling Bag
Su-lee Ling
I Would Have Liked to Have Known

Two things: Point 1: The post-curing smell of the bag-being vegetable tanned [I found this-when I went to return it bcoz of this odour- but found you cannot return a pre-order].. I left my bag outside hanging on my clothes rack, but not getting rained on. The smell dissipated
after a full week or slightly more.

Point 2: The underside material of the shoulder strap: it's a copy grosgrain style of material- but polyester I am sure. I do not like it. Why do that>..? Why not just double side the leather-it seems nice and thin and interfacing [suitable to the functional needs] could have been inserted.

I am getting used to it-but quite frankly- it looks ugly, and to me spoils the aesthetic of this cute bag, and sure- it makes it ‘lighter’ in weight…But mere grams and Id prefer the visuals of a regular full leather strap.

Hi Su-Lee,

Thank you so much for your order and feedback.

Glad to hear the smell of your bag dissipated after a week of airing. We do talk about the smell of veg-tanned leather in depth on our website, as it's something we want our new customers to be aware of. This earthy odour is a well known characteristic of naturally cured leather. We recommend both airing and simply using your bag ~ when the leather is used, it softens and the smell is released. After a couple of weeks of using the smell will be gone completely.

We choose to reinforce all of our adjustable straps with nylon as this ensures that the straps are durable and pass the test of time. We found that using only leather straps meant they were susceptible to wear and tear and eventually needed repairs. We try and show both top and underside of the straps in the images on the product page on our website.

I hope this clarify's why we've chosen to design the bags this way.

Regards, Dom

Love my new black bag

It’s a beautiful quality that I’m sure will get even better with age. I’ve already had several compliments.

Juzzy Handbag
Jo Sullivan
Juzzy Bag

Love my tan Juzzy bag, gorgeous colour and a perfect everyday size

Dubb Pouch
Holly Winkley

Love the quality of my new little pouch, the colour and size are perfect!


I bought the black Coco backpack. Happy wth it and contrary to one review, the main opening does have dual zips to open from both left or right. The specified sizing does not allow for the side gussets so that the width of the packback is more accurately 30cm. I was concerned that a 20cm width would be too small. I recommend this bag.

One of a kind

I've had my eye on this one for ages! I'd certainly recommend checking the size because some may find it too small for their use (not the brand's fault by any means) just that I was surprised myself 😅 I love the colour and the workmanship, there's a slight kink probably from the way it was handled during postage but hopefully it'll smoothen out. Overall totally worth the price and def a must have accessory.

Gemma Crossbody Bag
Melissa Baker
New favourite bag 😍

Absolutely in love with this cute, compact gorgeous bag that manages to fit everything I need for the day 💕

Perfect every day bag

LOVE the Abby sling. Compact but roomy cross body bag. It holds all my essentials-wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, hand cream and lip gloss. The engraving is divine and the leather soft but sturdy. The strap is long but I punched another hole in it to make it shorter and to sit higher on my body. I also have the Coco backpack which is gorgeous - the leather softening every day and the colour and leather is changing to give it its own unique look and feel!

Mary Passport Wallet Sample
Alain Williams
Practical and Professional

The week after I bought this wallet, I had to visit the post office for a delivery. This wallet made it super easy to hold my phone and passport for identification. Holds all the cards I would need.
Can definitely see myself taking this while travelling - it’s just a matter of planning a trip! Paris, anyone? X

Timeless Statement

Amazing feel, especially after a condition. Love the smell (wish it stayed around longer!)

Convenient storage bag for me around the house. I keep it stuffed with paper and unfolded for the time being but may switch it up when I fill it up a bit more.

Love the good quality YKK zips - hard to find why these pieces are sold as samples! Quality is really good, impressed with it.

Millo backpack and Rita wallet - a beautiful pair

I ordered the Millo backpack and just had to grab the Rita wallet also! They arrived carefully and beautifully protected and packaged. And I have to say the quality is outstanding. I ordered both in vintage brown and the colour is rich- and exactly that- vintage brown! Imagine timeless class and depth, a quality, beautifully-crafted product.. The Millo backpack is exactly that.
I look forward to further purchases in the future. Thank you for lovingly creating these timeless pieces for us to enjoy!

Juzzy Handbag
Wendy Toon
Juzzy Handbag

Purchased the Juzzy bag for my daughter for Christmas, she loved it, perfect for a mum juggling three little kids.

Perfect Little Pouch

First up, can I say that I am in love with all LostLittleOne’s leather smell! Veg tanned goat leather cannot be beat. I wish it lingered longer…

So, maybe not a typical use case but I use the clutch for storing audio hi-fi accessories in the lounge room (marketing dept takes notes!)

Bought a few products on slow sale, gave them all a nice condition on day 1 (shout out to Oakwood Leather Conditioner, 100% Aussie product and doesn’t darken / stain), will get softer with time and last a lifetime.

Thank you so much got the great review, I am so happy you love your purchases!

What a lovely collection you have there Alain! I'm so glad that you take advantage of our slow sale! We love being able to offer a great deal in exchange for your patience while our designs make their long journey from Morocco to Melbourne.

Thank you also for the leather conditioner tip also. I'll have to give this Aussie brand a go.

xx Dom

Love my backpack

Love my new backpack, has everything I need while looking stylish. The leather has already softened so beautifully, can’t wait to see how this will continue to wear.

Stephen Slouch
Angelica Holt
Stephen Slouch

A versatile bag. I can fit my 15" laptop. The style is an understated utilitarian elegance.

Mary Passport Wallet Sample
Travel wallet

This is my first purchase from Lost Little one and I was very pleasantly surprised by the firstly the quick postage time. It is a beautiful travel wallet and the bag that it comes in makes it a lovely gift. The quality is second to none.


Beautifully designed and crafted

Perfect Bag

Excellent bag highly recommend very well thought of beautiful leather and colour thank you LLO

Handmade Aussie Beauty

Absolutely in love with my journal! It is exactly what I was searching for. This is an extremely high-quality, handmade journal and I hope that it stays in my family for generations. Thank you Dominique for creating this for me!


The quality and style is perfect! A great overall experience from ordering, to dispatch to receiving the bag. I will be purchasing from Lost Little One again :)