Lost Little One's Personal Travel Collection

Lost Little One's Personal Travel Collection

Our Lost Little One collection is inspired by Morocco and my time traveling, living and working in this beautiful country. My mission is to create stylish, simple designs that are handmade well, using pristine materials that have been ethically sourced the traditional way. My personal travel collection is a selection of Lost Little One leather bags and accessories that I simply can't live without. 

Spending months at a time working, living out of a backpack and exploring a place like North Africa has given me the opportunity to design bags and accessories for your next wild adventure, in style.

My all time favourite thing about our bags and accessories is how the leather moves. Just like that piece that mum picked up on her travels all those years ago. Our leather softens and changes, it gains character and becomes your own. The creases, colour change and unique markings contribute to making each piece special and sentimental and I'm excited to be able to share my favourites with you. 

Lost Little One's Personal Travel Collection


I take my Rita wallet absolutely everywhere. This palm sized, no fuss wallet fits your cards, cash and coins, while sliding comfortably into your pocket, bumbag or the internal compartment of any of our handbags or backpacks.

Rita Wallet Lost Little One travel collection



When travelling I honestly don't know what I'd do without my Mary travel wallet. Simple in design the Mary perfectly fits cards, cash, tickets and even your phone, then buttons shut to keep everything safe and compact. 

Mary Travel Wallet Lost Little One travel collection


I cannot live without my Rivers backpack, especially when I'm on the road. The fold-over top and buckle/magnetic button feature is an absolute game-changer. Not only can you keep the bag on your back instead of feeling the need to do the whole front-pack thing for safety, but if you run out of space simply extend the buckle or even the whole top section for extra space. The internal pocket fits the Rita wallet & a phone and the square shape and soft lining means that a laptop slides in with absolute ease. The Rivers has reinforced nylon straps for extra strength and comfort. This is my favourite bag to use as carry on luggage, sliding comfortably under the seat of an aeroplane. 

Rivers Backpack Lost Little One travel collection


Our Nate travel bags are waterproof lined on the inside, feature a leather handle, external zipped pocket and most importantly...FITS FULL SIZED BOTTLES! YAY! Because let's be real, it doesn't matter how much I'm roughing it, I still don't go anywhere without my favourite conditioner. 

Nate Travel bag / toiletries bag Lost Little One travel collection


I find the Jessie wallet one of our most versatile designs and I actually travel with two. One for all my jewellery, because I'm a sucker for accessories and another for my electrical bits and pieces, such as my external hard drives, USB's, charging cords and earphones. The soft lining keeps everything safe, the internal pockets help to keep the cords from twisting and the best part is I can empty them and use them for a night out.

Jessie Wallet Lost Little One travel collection


The Coco backpack is definitely a stylish little extra that I add to my personal collection. It flat packs easily, weighs less than 700 grams, looks great and packs a punch. This little backpack fits WAY more than you'd assume at first glance. The Coco is my absolute fave when wandering the Medina, featuring four seperate zipped compartments which makes smart packing easy.

Coco Backpack Lost Little One travel collection


The Marrakech is my all time go to for almost every occasion! Especially when I find myself lost at a music festival dancing with two hands in the air. This bad boy literally comes everywhere and sees everything with me. Compactly fitting my phone, Rita wallet, keys, sunglasses and anything else I need for a good night out. This is the one that I couldn't live without. 

Marrakech Bumbag Lost Little One travel collection

Travel. Work. Play with Lost Little One. 

Marrakech Medina at sunset Lost Little One