Travel Diaries : Merzouga, Desert Adventures With The Crew

Travel Diaries : Merzouga, Desert Adventures With The Crew

“We made it to the nothingness and realised it was everything”

“Seven friends flying in from five different countries, the meeting spot a bus stop in the middle of nowhere. This was our introduction to the Moroccan Western Sahara. A barren land with sand as far as the eye can see. After a treacherous bus ride from all directions we arrived at our final destination, Merzouga. Situated on the edge of the dunes this sleepy city offers a place to rest before spending our long awaited night under the stars.

Friends with Berber man in Western Sahara Desert Morocco

“The day is warm and we are greeted by friendly locals, eager to be the ones to share with us a piece of their life. As we set out it becomes evident just how able our new friends are at navigating the open space. A life skill undoubtedly necessary when you live in The Sahara, impressive nonetheless. We ditched the camels and opted for the more adventurous route. Equipped with buggies and two Amazigh men by our side, we hit the dunes ready to explore everything that was on offer.

Buggies in the Western Sahara Morocco

“The Amazigh people have not only mastered the Desert, but also the art of survival. Living on this land for thousands of years and still today their culture lives strong. Berber’s and the country’s appreciation for their culture can be seen everywhere. So it was a real blessing to have the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be inside their land living as they do. We arrived in what can only be described as a Desert Oasis, with palm trees and Berber tents, our home for the night.

Berber Man in the Western Sahara Morocco

“We took to the dunes by foot, keen to climb as high as we could to catch the much anticipated sunset. For as far as we could see the sky and sand meet without interference, the rays of sun pound onto us with force. The desert is unforgiving and magical all at once. The sun slowly disappears into the distance, leaving behind a beautiful array of colours. With the sun escapes the warmth and temperatures quickly drop, so we took refuge in our small Amazigh Village.

exploring the dunes of the sahara

“The sky is now filled with billions of stars. We gather around and devour a traditionally prepared tajine. Using bread and our hands we all share one pot, just as the Moroccans do. Finishing the night laying under that lit up night sky just waiting for another shooting star to create a sparkle.

riding a buggy into the deserta group of friends on their buggy in the western saharaFriends exploring the desert

Lost Little One is about intrigue, adventure and friendship. The same faces that you see getting lost with me in the Western Sahara are the same faces that you'll see in all of our promo videos and photoshoots. The Lost Little One journey has been nothing short of a wild ride that has only been possible because of this type of endless support and encouragement.

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